Our Differentiated Platforms & Services For Successful PMO COE!

Offer tailored solutions to achieve business success through effective Project / Program / Portfolio Management practices and established PMO

About PMO

PMO – Project or Program or Portfolio Management Office

An organizational structure that standardizes the project-program-portfolio related governance processes and facilitates sharing, adoption, and practices on resources, methodologies, tools and techniques. PMO is the engine to implement changes holistically in any organization and assure the alignment of implementation to Organization-Strategy.

Our Enterprise PMO framework is a very comprehensive integration of Management, Leadership, Customers, Suppliers, Operations, Sponsors and project/functional teams, and other ecosystems that contribute daily to the success of Organizational value delivery.

Know your Project Management Maturity with our OPM3 Assurance Services

Following are some of the salient features of our OPM3 assessment platform:

  1. Role based assignments – We can engage all stakeholders involved in the OPM3 assessment online and enable them to contribute to the assessment drive as per their roles as SPOCs, Input providers, Internal Auditors/SMEs, External consultants.
  2. Interfaces for viewing, providing inputs for all roles
  3. Reports generation (enabled for ProPMO admin only)
  4. Baselining of assessments at every major milestone for review and comparisons
  5. Analysis of the critical observations along with recommendation
  6. Detailed analytics of the assessments, comparisons between baselines, comparisons between different assessments done across the business verticals/BUs

We are launching the services to some of chosen few companies who are willing to partner with ProPMO® in reasearching and evolving the organizational project management and PMO practices. As an early bird, we offer the access to the platform complimentary to about one year along with access to the new features added as part of future roadmap for the platform.

  1. Full access to the OPM3® platform for 3 months can be extended with consulting engagements with ProPMO
  2. 2 hours of virtual orientation to the core team from your company who will provide inputs and also act as self assessors
  3. Reports
  1. Approval to include the company logo as early bird adopter on ProPMO® website
  2. Testimonials on ProPMO® offerings
  3. The platform will become the basis for offering future consulting services and hence access will be continued with active engagement of ProPMO® beyond 6 months complimentary offer period
  1. Validation of the self assessment by industry experts having expertise on OPM3 standard
  2. Official assessment report with recommendations for bridging the gaps
  3. Official certification of OPM maturity by ProPMO®
  4. Draft Assessment report
  5. ProPMO® Learning and adoption offerings for Enterprise PMO – PMO Edge, PMO Strategy, PMO Build, PMO rollout
  6. PMO enhancement services – PMO Counseling, PMO Mentoring, PMO Coaching

We are assuring our customers that learnings are translated into skills effectively with our approach and providing a higher ROI for their investment into learning and development. Our industry-specific experts help the practitioners learn, contextualize, and apply the best practices to the development of products and services of their companies through an innovative blended learning and aadoption approach.

  • Planned profitability through project management excellence
  1. Adoption of Industry best practices in Project Management and Program Management Office (PMO)
  2. Adoption of Enterprise Program Management Solution
  • Increased customer and stakeholder’s satisfaction
  1. Achieve program-specific goals – Time to market, Delivery Quality, Competitive advantage
  2. Reduced noise level across stakeholders through process integration and alert/feedback mechanisms
  • Reduced waste of resources and rework
  1. Process automation
  2. Electronic document management systems
  • Increased morale of employees
  1. Optimized resource allocations
  2. Recognition of resource excellence
  3. Reduced monotonous work

Our PMO Services

Offer tailored solutions to achieve business success through effective Project / Program / Portfolio Management practices and established PMO

PMO Edge

Strategic review of Business situation , Envisioning strategic responses for customer and operations situations and Define business case for transformation initiatives

PMO Build

Contextualize PMO services at strategic level, Contextualize PMO services center of excellence and Contextualize PMO operations<br>

Organizational hierarchy, objectives, rules and roles

Portfolio, Programs and Projects configuration, assignment

Integration with organizational processes - CMMi, ISO

Benefits management, ROI calculations

Resource and efforts management, resource levelling

Schedule management, WBS creation

Change management

Costs and funds management

Risk and Issues management

Stakeholder configuration and communication

Vendor management

Knowledge management and documentation Repository

Project execution, review and approval processes

Alerts, Reports and dashboards

Claims management

Quality Management

Our unique PMO Blended Learning Offerings

Approach 1

Traditional Training , Consulting and adoption of digital PMO solution 


1.4 days of classroom in person workshop on PMO 
2.Implementation and adoption consulting by Experienced Consultants for up to 6 months

3.Digital PMO solution from ecosystem partners

Approach 2

Blended Learning and Adoption with Digital PMO Solution

1.4 Learning circles facilitated by expert consultants

2.Implementation through the internal team with hand holding by consultants for up to 6 months

3.Digital PMO solution from ecosystem partners

What value we bring on to the table?

Innovative learning and adoption solution

Our Presence in Industry

We can make your mission to accomplish PMO excellence possible with effective consulting, implementation and adoption, all integrated seamlessly. 

The value drivers we bring on to the table

Services excellence depends only on people. All types of stakeholders. Internal and external. We are very proud to have a diverse ecosystem engaged with us for delivering business excellence.
Mr. Harish S Honwad
PMO Coach, Agile Coach, Business Agility Consultant
Mrs. Pradnya J. Pathankar
Business Agility Consultant, PMO Expert
Mr. Vivek Dixit
Consulting Partner And Strategic Advisor
Mr. Shrikant Chaphekar
Co-Founder Consulting Partner
Mr. Sanjeev Kumar
Consulting Partner
Mr. Narendra Dharm
Consulting Partner

Our PMO Workshop

Realize & sustain business value through PMO


What you Get in the class:

Workshop Delivery Methodology:



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